ESN Dubrovnik was founded in October 2012, after a few enthusiastic students returned from their own Erasmus exchange. In a short period of time, the persistent group of 5 members made ESN the most promising student association in the city.

The section currently counts just under 30 members. The Local Board consists of the President, the Vice-president, and the Treasurer. The rest of the members are divided into six teams and each team has a coordinator.  The application process is simple: the applicant must write a motivational letter through which  the Local Board is able to evaluate the candidate's willingness to help and participate in activities. ESN Dubrovnik mainly funds itself by selling ESNcards and writing projects which they apply for city and University funds. The good relationship with the University of Dubrovnik Student Council helps when applying for funds.

Every month there are activities and events organised for Erasmus students. The most popular events are monthly Karaoke Parties, international dinners and the activities organised by the SocialErasmus team. At the beginning of the academicyear, ESN Dubrovnik organised a project called Erasmus Street Festival, where students from 12 different countries held presentations about their history and traditions, as well as prepared their typical food for everyone to try.

Before ESN Dubrovnik was founded, there was barely 10 Erasmus students in this city. Since then, the number of exchange students grows with each passing semester. This year Dubrovnik counts more than 100 Erasmus students. The University program is well adapted and ESN Dubrovnik organises a variety of fun workshops, parties, and activities where both foreign and local students have a chance to hang out and bond.



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