ESN Osijek was officially recognised at the National Platform 2012 and we started working immediately after the establishment. Our first Local Board was established in 2012/2013  when the six major functions in ESN Osijek were given meaning. With a lot of hard work, we were able to stand tall and slowly became the section that we are today - broadening horizons in our small community, promoting mobility and improving opportunities for our students to help them in taking their first steps abroad.

"Everything started with a group of wanderlust students who experienced the beauty of travelling and learning from other cultures. During their Erasmus experience, some of them came in touch with ESN sections and that is how on the 18th of December, 2012 our section was born."

Even though we are a small section, with around 20 members, we’re doing great things! So far, we’ve had four of our section members as a part of the National Board and one of them as a candidate for the International Board. Our Local Board consists of a President, Vice-President, Treasurer and PR. Our board works together with the Local Coordinators in order to make our section great. 

We always try to do our best when organising events for our Erasmus students. That means organising not just parties, but social and cultural events and sports activities. Some of the most popular ones are the visit to a dog shelter, workshops with children and karaoke nights. Every year, we participate in SocialErasmus and ExchangeAbility Weeks, making sure our Erasmus students feel the spirit of these projects. The local students are just as important, which is why we organise many workshops, teaching them how to write their CV and motivational letter, as well as giving examples on how to fill in Learning Agreements. These are always very successful, making us very happy and proud!

Our two biggest partners are our University of J. J. Strossmayer and Youth Council of our Region (Osječko-baranjska). This collaboration enables us to improve our ESN skills and improves the Erasmus experience of our incoming students. This year we attended Kreativna riznica, where our Erasmus students participated in an event called “An international evening of poetry and music” at which they read and sang their local poems and music, translating them to our local students in English.

We’re especially proud of our collaboration with Association Ladybug from Vinkovci who participates on most of our ExchangeAbility projects. This year - 2017. - on the occasion of marking Down syndrome day, we decided to include them and their members in an event called “Photo hunt”. The participants had to follow the map and fulfil the tasks we gave them, such as “take a selfie with a tram”, “film your group while saying something in Croatian”, “ find our co-cathedral” etc. In that way, we promoted inclusive society to our Erasmus and local students who had to help their teammates with disabilities.

Education for our members:

  • National Platforms (Split, Zadar, Zagreb, Osijek, Novi Sad, Rijeka, Dubrovnik)

  • Local Boards Meeting (Zagreb)

  • Central European Platforms (Ostrava, Rijeka, Pecs)

  • Annual General Meetings (Milano, Ankara, Warsaw, Berlin)

  • Council of National Delegates (Plovdiv, Krakow)

  • Council of National Representatives (Jyvaskyla, Pre-AGM Warsaw, Post-AGM Warsaw, Bucharest, Huelva, Frankfurt Oder)

  • SocialErasmus Coordinators Meeting (Zagreb)

  • STORY Final Conference (Bruxelles)

  • IT Summer Training (Bruxelles)

  • Insight Weekend (Bruxelles)

  • National Training (Velence)

  • Teambuildings

Contact ESN Osijek


Office Adress:
Studentski Centar Osijek
Istarska 5 (room 20)
HR- 31000 Osijek