ESN Zagreb was founded in October of 2010 as Zagreb Exchange Committee, organizing activities for exchange students at the University of Zagreb. In the beginning of 2011 Zagreb Exchange Committee applied for the membership in the Erasmus Student Network.

Full membership was approved on CNR Tartu on 4th of July, Zagreb Exchange Committee became first ESN section in Croatia, taking the name Erasmus Student Network Zagreb. The founder and first president of ESN Zagreb were Morena Šimatić and vice-president Tena Osrečak. As soon as becoming first Croatian section, ESN Zagreb begun recruiting and in July recruited 6 new members and with additional members from Zagreb Exchange Committee, its first academic ESN year, 2011/2012, ESN Zagreb started with 10 members. That first year they were organizing monthly events for around 100 students, first incoming Erasmus students in Croatia.

In April of 2012 on Annual General Meeting in Granada, ESN Zagreb got its first award, ESN Starter award for best new section in the network. Additionally, ESN Zagreb was chosen to host CNR in late September of 2012.

Next academic year 2012/2013, number of Erasmus students in Zagreb more than doubled, and the first big recruitment was held in September of 2012 in the building of International Relations Office of the University of Zagreb. For membership in ESN Zagreb, applied more than 100 students, and 60 in the end became members of ESN Zagreb. Now organizing activities for more than 250 students, ESN Zagreb divided its members in teams, and more experienced members became first coordinators of those teams. There were also changes in the leadership of the section, and Lea Ban became vice-president of the section in October of 2012.

Since October 2012, until today, ESN Zagreb functions with local board (consisted of president, vice-president and secretary) and 8 team coordinators. Teams of ESN Zagreb are: Travel team, Public Relations team, Party team, Culture team, Sports team, ESNcard team, SocialErasmus team and Buddy&Tandem team.

In March of 2013, Morena Šimatić, president of ESN Zagreb at that time, was chosen as an International Partnership Manager in the headquarters of ESN International in Bruxelles. From March 2013, duties of the president were conferred to Elena Šimatić. At that time, ESN Zagreb was chosen to host second international event, this time regional platform, SEEP 2013, which will be held in November of the same year.

In September of 2013, second big recruitment took place with more than 100 applicants, and 40 new members. Organizing activities for more than 400 students, new members of ESN Zagreb were also volunteering in the organization of South-Eastern European Platform.

In January of 2014 ocurred second big overturn in local board when Alen Zoković became president, Jelena Tadić vice-president and Ana Bitanga ESN Zagreb's secretary.

In AGM Milano in April of 2014, ESN Zagreb got two acknowledgments for successful work:  an award for the organization of the third best international event of ESN for SEEP Zagreb 2013, and an award gadgetSTAR for the second best gift shop in ESN.

In July of 2014 ESN Zagreb together with its twin section ESN Lisboa, got funding by Erasmus+ for the project Twinning Up 4 Start Up. Project was held in both Lisbon (15th to 19th of October 2014) and Zagreb (17th to 21st of December 2014).

In September of 2014 third big recruitment took place with around 80 applicants, and 30 new members. In November of same year ESN Zagreb was also a host of 5th National Platform of ESN Croatia held from 28th to 30th of November 2014. 

In March of 2015 were held elections for new Local Board of ESN Zagreb and as of then new board constitutes of: Mihovil Sić as president, Eva Novak as vice-president and Marie-Kristin Wasler as secretary.

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