ESN Zagreb was founded in October 2010 as Zagreb Exchange Committee, organising activities for exchange students at the University of Zagreb. In the beginning of 2011 Zagreb Exchange Committee applied for the membership in the Erasmus Student Network. Full membership was approved at CNR Tartu on the 4th July, which made Zagreb Exchange Committee the first ESN section in Croatia, taking the name Erasmus Student Network Zagreb. The founders and the first Local board of ESN Zagreb were Morena Šimatić as the President and Tena Osrečak as the Vice-president. Having become the first Croatian section, we started our first academic ESN year, 2011/2012, with 10 members. That year we organised monthly events for around 100 students, the first incoming Erasmus students in Croatia.

The number of active members grew and so did the number of international students in Zagreb. Our section was divided into teams and our work became more structured. In March 2013, Morena Šimatić, the president of ESN Zagreb at that time, was chosen as an International Partnership Manager in the headquarters of ESN International in Brussels. We improved our connections with other sections in our network and in July 2014, together with our twin section ESN Lisbon, we were given funding by Erasmus+ for the project Twinning Up 4 Start Up. The project was held in both Lisbon (15th to 19th of October 2014) and Zagreb (17th to 21st of December 2014). In March 2016. we organised a conference under the name Employ Your Skills with lecturers from HSA, Faculty of Economy, ESN Split, garagERASMUS, ESAA as well as foreign lecturers form Czech Republic and Italy.

What we do? – international students
Each semester our members organise a great number of fun and educational activities for international students in Zagreb* which aim to help them connect with each other during their stay in Zagreb, get to know the local culture, everyday life and the beauty of nature in Zagreb and Croatia. Through different events such as international dinner, language table, visit to retirement homes and kindergartens, all kinds of sports activities like bubble football, paintball and free climbing, trips to various destinations in Croatia, karaoke and much, much more we connect together international students and local community in order to enrich our society and create the best possible mobility experience. Buddy programme is one of our biggest and most important projects because it directly connects international students with local students –their Buddy – in order to get help and important information even before they even come to Zagreb.

What we do – local students
One of our tasks is the promotion of mobility programs, therefore, we regularly organize educational presentations and workshops for our local community in order to make them familiar with different possibilities of studying, volunteering or working abroad as well as holding workshops on how to properly write a motivation letter and CV or how to apply for Erasmus+ scholarship.  

Events by ESN Zagreb
September 2012 – CNR Zagreb
November 2013 – SEEP Zagreb
November 2014 – 5th National Platform of ESN Croatia
October 2015 – SECM Zagreb
November 2016 – NBM Zagreb

2012 – ESN Starter award for the best new section in the network
2014 – third best international event of ESN for SEEP Zagreb
2014 – gadgetSTAR (for the second best gift shop in ESN)
2015 – SeCoStar for the best ESN Section Cooperation (ESN Lisbon + ESN Zagreb)
2016 – Section in the Spotlight award by ESN Croatia
2017 – mobilitySTAR (for the best Mov’in Europe event MEekend)
2017 – Section in the Spotlight award by ESN International (Network Committee)



History of Local boards:
President: Morena Šimatić
Vice-president: Tena Osrečak

President: Morena Šimatić
Vice-president: Lea Ban

President: Elena Šimatić
Vice-president: Lea Ban

President: Alen Zoković
Vice-president: Jelena Tadić
Treasurer: Ana Bitanga

President: Mihovil Sić
Vice-president: Petra Milohanović (first 3. months), Eva Novak
Treasurer: Marie-Kristin Wasler

President: Petar Šimatić (first 2. months), Nikolina Relić
Vice-president: Matea Kladarić
Treasurer: Sara Ferberuš

President: Petra Kerep
Vice-president: Željka Gligora
Treasurer: Marko Tomašević

* University of Zagreb and International relations office are direct partners of ESN Zagreb providing financial and other kinds of support.  

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Office Adress:
University of Zagreb
Ulica Kralja Zvonimira 8 (room 308c)
HR - 10000 Zagreb