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6. National Platform of ESN Croatia

Last week, from 24th till 26th of April, ESN Croatia had its 6th National Platform! This NP was important for us for several reasons. First, out of two per year, summer National Platform is elective - where we choose next year's National Board. Unfortunately, due to fierce competition and high demands - some candidates were equally good, and some candidates haven't satisfied high expectations...

Registrations for CEE 2015 are OPEN!

CEE – Croatian Erasmus Event is a national event organized by ESN Croatia. The goal of this national event is to gather all of the exchange students currently studying in or doing an internship in Croatia, in one place, to thank them for a beautiful experience and give them the opportunity to have the time of their lives.


And the...

World Cleanup with ESN Croatia

National SocialErasmus event means that all six ESN sections all over Croatia, alongside their Erasmus students and willing volunteers, will clean up everything that doesn't belong on our planets surface to let it breathe. On 18th of April all of our sections will be cleaning their city and helping our environment in the World Cleanup. Together with Udruga Žmergo we are going to make our...

Croatian Erasmus Event is live!

☼ ☼ ☼ Time for a change? Time for a thrill? Time for the party of the year? Then it is time for the Croatian Erasmus Event! This time we are going for something epic, outside of the box; something to show you how much we’ve loved the time you spent here with us! ☼ ☼ ☼


CEE – Croatian Erasmus Event is a national event organized by ESN...


ESN TEAM, is an international sports event in organisation of ESN Italy and ESN Poland.

Would you like to participate in it (with more than 400 Erasmus students from all over Europe)?

26th-29th of March in Krakow, Poland

You can ask your group of friends, make a team and go to Krakow to represent Croatia, as Erasmus students. There are... website launch!

We have launched our official website:! But you already know that since you are here... Stay tuned for more information, events and some surprises!

5th National Platform ESN Croatia

From 28th to 30th of Novemeber ESN Zagreb hosted members of all six sections of ESN Croatia, on their 5th National Platform. During those three days ESNers from Dubrovnik, Osijek, Rijeka, Split Zadar and Zagreb had opportunity to see rounds of presentation and participate in numerous workshops such as:

  • Make your section visible
  • Flagship...