SocialErasmus - "Leave Your Mark"

Social Erasmus is an international project of the ESN with the aim of involving young exchange students in social and volunteering activities in their host country with the goal to take social action and fostering change in society. This helps the integration of exchange students in the local community as well as a chance to make a long-lasting social change in society through volunteering activities!

#SocialErasmus #LeaveYourMark



Student-beneficial aspects

  • new ways for international students to expand their knowledge of other cultures and education systems
  • brings them closer to the local communities they live in
  • promotes a social attitude to international students
  • combining formal and informal education with intercultural experiences
  • students enrich their curricula, gain experiences, knowledge, openness and love for Europe

Society-beneficial aspects

  • international students meet their local community in person
  • shows that mobility does not only mean travelling or studying abroad
  • promote active engagement in local communities
  • international students contribute to the local community
  • fosters a better cultural understanding
  • inspires local students to study abroad​


  • to complete the stay abroad with the original values of the Erasmus Program
  • an opportunity to get to know new cultures and education systems
  • to make new unforgettable friendships
  • an inspiration for a future life
  • to experience something new
  • to get a new perspective, beyond the cognitive abilities