Erasmus Student Network Dubrovnik is a volunteer organization based on a principle of students helping students. It creates a platform for international students to meet international and local students by participating in cultural, social and sport events.

The goal of ESN Dubrovnik is to make every international student feel at home in Dubrovnik.

After returning from their Erasmus exchange, a few students brought their experience and enthusiasm back to Dubrovnik. Even though Dubrovnik was known as a student city, it didn’t attract many exchange students. After founding ESN Dubrovnik in October 2012 things have changed a lot.

Starting from scratch, group of five made ESN the most promising student association in the city, a network everyone knows about: Belinda Bošnjak, Marta Vukadin, Mario Previšić, Marko Žmirak and Maroje Burić. The number of exchange students grew with every semester, as well as the section itself. Different kinds of ambitious students were constantly applying and entering the association, each one of them with new ideas, motivation and desire. Consistent hard work was recognized by other sections and two of our members were a part of the National Board.


The section now counts 24 active members who are working hard on various events during the academic year. Local Board consists of three members – the president, the vice president and the treasurer. We trust our coordinators to handle the teams we have in our section. Teams are: PR Team and Event team with additional Buddy, Social Erasmus and Mov’in Europe coordinators.

Our biggest source of finance comes from the University of Dubrovnik, and currently we are working on several projects. We also closely cooperate with student and other organizations for our activities. Some of organizations are Youth center Dubrovnik and UNIDU Radio.

Weekend excursions, thematic parties, social events, tandem nights. Both local and exchange students are the trademark of the section. By organizing at least one event per week we want to bring incoming students close and help them have fun and enjoy their time in Dubrovnik. We also organize at least one trip per semester, so during our last semester we went to Sarajevo and students were ecstatic.

Our current president Marija Curavić and vice-president Nera Butigan, along with treasurer Barbara Lakić and all the other members of ESN Dubrovnik raised this organization to a whole new level in May 2014. IV National platform of ESN Croatia was organized, promoted and was as successful as we imagined it to be.

The event sure showed that this organization is with reason declared as ambitious association that started from the bottom and heading straight to the top.

With articles and reports in local newspapers, weekly radio show dedicated to Erasmus students, local praises and successful projects, this section has shown its impact not only on Erasmus students but also to local community. In just a few year Dubrovnik has five times more incoming Erasmus students than in the beginning. Thanks to this organization, students who come to Dubrovnik are not alone, they have local friends who are always there for everything they need. ESN Dubrovnik has become one small section with a big heart. And guess what, this section is not planning to stop.


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