ESN Rijeka was founded in 2012, as the second ESN section in Croatia. The road has been long, but the section has grown from a crew of very few people to a well-organised team of 25 motivated people who take their tasks seriously. One of our strong points is shared tasks and cooperation so that all of our members are kept active and involved.

Our Local Board consists of three members – the president, vice president and treasurer, while the coordinators' positions are the ones of Communication Manager, SocialErasmus, Event and Mov'in Europe. Except for the Communication team, Rijeka has decided to give up on teams in order to avoid exclusiveness, and motivate everyone to participate in all the activities. For that reason, we assign an OC for each event, which in addition makes the coordinator's job much easier.

Our biggest source of finances comes from the University of Rijeka, and currently we are working on making partnerships and getting sponsorships.

We also closely cooperate with student and other organisations for activities, some of which are Student Assembly of Rijeka, Regional Youth Informative Center and student radio Radio Sova, which not only reports on the activities of ESN Rijeka but also airs a show which hosts Erasmus students on a weekly basis. Our newest partner is “Udruga Žmergo”, an organization which aims are to preserve the environment, protect natural and cultural heritage and promote sustainable development.

For the Recruitment process CV and a Motivational Letter are required to apply, followed by an interview, which helps us understand the motivation and expectations behind the candidate’s application.The candidate, if accepted in this round, has to prove their activity to become an active member. Active participation is a must, accompanied by positive energy and a friendly attitude towards other members.

What has the section achieved throughout the six years? We’re proud of organizing several national and international meetings, especially since most of these were envisioned and fulfilled with a small number of very motivated individuals! Most worth mentioning would be organising the National platform of ESN Croatia in Rijeka and LevelUp training in 2013, the Central European Platform of the Erasmus Student Network in 2015, and most recently the National Platform of ESN Croatia in 2016.

The activities organized for Erasmus students were indeed numerous, especially throughout the last two semesters, for which the attendance was extremely high. Our most popular events are trips, one of which is already a traditional trip to Sarajevo that gets booked in a couple of hours. Our most appreciated events were the Oscars Farewell Party, during which Oscar awards were given to Erasmus students of the semester and The Voice, which earned the recognition as “The most original event“ at the National Platform in Zagreb 2017.

In cooperation with Regional Youth Informative Center, we organized a couple of events: Tattoo Cafe, during which students tattooed each other (with temporary tattoos) according to their personalities; International Blind Dates that served to connect Erasmus students with locals (the cooperation that was awarded with a reward from Eurodesk) and Erasmus Human Library, that was awarded with inclusionSTAR at the AGM Costa Brava 2018.

We can also proudly say that the Social Inclusion Days 2017 were very successful, as we organized six events that served to promote inclusion, and received a very positive feedback from the students.

Being a relatively small section in a small town means a stronger connection not just among ESNers but also with incoming students, from whom the section gets very positive feedbacks on hospitality, helpfulness and a friendly attitude. Being an ESNer doesn’t only mean being a buddy, it means being a friend and somebody to rely on, and that is what students in Rijeka get from our section.

ESN Rijeka has won plenty of awards at the National Platforms, but was also announced as a Section in the Spotlight for the event Cups for Cuba in 2017, and was awarded with inclusionSTAR at AGM Costa Brava 2018 for Erasmus Human Library.


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